Books by Kate

The Other Side of Miracles.coverThe Other Side of Miracles is my first published work. It is a collection of five stories taken from the gospels and rewritten from the perspective of the people whose lives Jesus touched. Included in this volume is the story of the paralytic who was let down through a roof by his friends. The story tells of his bitterness and anger at God and his life in general. The twin tales of raising Jarius’ daughter from the dead and the healing of the woman who had hemorrhaged for years are told as separate stories while keeping the close relationship they share. The little known story of the woman with a crippled back and the often told story of the woman at the well both show Jesus’ compassion for the oppressed and the lost.

Available for purchase on Amazon

Available for purchase on Amazon

In His Right Mind is the story of the man possessed by the demon, Legion. Living among the dead in the tombs, the possessed man is hated and feared by all who see him.  He is blessed and cursed by rare moments of clarity when the demons rest. Even in those rare times, the man is tormented by his own memories and fear of the demons awakening. Then a small fishing boat crosses the Sea of Galilee and a storm goes suddenly still. Legion flees in terror at the approach of the Son of God but is drawn back by a power beyond his own. Jesus shows mercy, even toward his ancient enemy, as he sets the possessed man free.


Available for purchase on Amazon

Available for purchase on Amazon

The Gift of Her Son tells of the sorrow of a mother beside the deathbed of her son. With his passing, she is alone in the world and loses all hope for the future. On the way to the tomb, the funeral procession is stopped by a man who tells her ‘Don’t Cry’. The grieving mother doesn’t seek his help. She doesn’t know who he is or even that he has seen her. Yet Jesus has compassion for her sorrow and dries the woman’s tears. Jesus gives her the gift of a future and love wrapped in the life of her son. 



Available for purchase at Amazon

Available for purchase at Amazon


Now I See is the story of a man born blind, Bartimaeus, who survives by begging on the road to Jericho’s gate. Deserted by his guide, he must find his way to the gate, leading his apprentice. The blind leading the blind is a recipe for disaster. To find out what happens click here:















The four stories in My Christmas collection.


The story of a woman caught in adultery. Marked for death by the Pharisees, she is taken to appear before Jesus in the Temple. It is a test that the Pharisees hope that he will fail, but as usual, he surprises them with the perfect answer.

The story of Zacchaeus, head tax collector in Jericho. Driven by curiosity, he seeks to get a glimpse of the famous teacher who has turned his country on its ear. Undaunted by the crowds, the height challenged tax collector climbs a tree to achieve his goal. What happened next, changed his life.



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