Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the day we pause to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Even when there are things that are hard and difficult to deal with, even among the trials there are things to be thankful for. Sometimes it is as simple as one more day, one more breath one more beat of the heart. There are days when life itself feels like a burden, but it is a gift none the less and in each day God is there waiting to connect with us, to bear our burdens, to share our pain.

He loves us, each one of us, fully and completely. He is eager to be our life, our strength, our hope and our home.

He gave us the greatest of gifts, his son, to open the way for us to enjoy the fullness of his love.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season when we turn our eyes and hearts to that wonderful gift of love.

I have written a series of Christmas stories that circle around the miracle of that first Christmas night. I will be publishing them through the month of December, one each week. The first is, The Shepherd’s Tale, a story told by a simple shepherd, the lowest rung of the societal scale. After a year of drought, hardship and an attack by Roman soldiers, he brings his flocks to a sheltered valley outside the city of Bethlehem. He tells of the angelic visitation and his search for the new born Messiah.

Read his story here, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PUZ9AD8 . It is free today through December 1st.

Join me each week as we watch for the coming of the King.

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