Change of Plans

I was going to write about the ‘prodigal son’ parable today. My pastor gave a very stirring sermon on it yesterday that brought it to life for me. I was inspired to write an even deeper tale of the lost son and his father studded by friends who lead us astray and a Father who searches the horizon for our return.

But then I went for a walk. Always a good idea, I know. But today I was wading through knee deep snow trying to capture the bright morning sun glint of the diamond flakes of fresh snow on film. As I struggled through the snow, ever grateful for my snow-pants and tall boots, I began to hear a strange sound, bursts of silver melody weaving through the trees. What is that sound. Could it be, is it possible, are the birds really returning. Camera in hand, I peer through the sparkling light toward the trees.

Movement. Music.

There on that branch a flash of blue. I catch my breath in wonder and slowly bring my camera to eye level and zoom in. Click.

birds1       female purple martin2

purple martin4          purple martins2Several pairs of Purple Martins were flying through the trees lifting my spirits with their songs. Bright flashes of color in a grey and white world.

Could it be that Spring is beginning to approach the horizon?


One comment on “Change of Plans

  1. medazmr says:

    I heard all kinds of birds singing Monday, too. At first the sound was puzzling. I didn’t quite recognize it. Then I followed it to the window, and to my surprise birds were all over the yard. A sign of spring? “NOOOOO,” I started to yell and flail my arms. I need more snow, a little longer cold. “Go away!”

    My kids thought I was crazy, but winter is my favorite time of year. Of course, I don’t have to deal with the amount you get all winter.

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