Busy, Busy Busy

I have heard the phrase ‘busy beaver’ countless time in my life. It always brings to mind the beaver in Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’ using advanced engineering skills to build his dam. He is thrilled to be offered the use of Lady’s ‘Handy-Dandy-Log-Puller’. He is totally unaware that he got ‘snookered’.

In the last couple of months, the pond behind my house has been the home of a family of beavers. We have Mamma Beaver, Papa Beaver and four little beavers all swimming around in our pond. The kids and I have had fun watching them and hearing their tails slap the water as they dive into the safety of the deep when we come too close. It seemed like a bit out of a story book.

Lately, when I walk the dogs in the morning, I have noticed that the young trees growing on the shore have gone missing. No problem, they were growing wild and needed to be thinned out. Today, I noticed that nearly all the trees are gone, including some that were at least 8 inches across. There are just a handful of saplings left. The term busy beaver has taken on new meaning. In six short weeks, a few cute furry animals have stripped an area of trees. They have been busy indeed, and the results are devastating.
In case you haven’t noticed, one of the busiest seasons of the year has arrived. Next week most of us will sit down to a meal of good food and surrounded by friends and family. The very next day, even on the same day in some cases, throngs of people will hurry out into the cold and dark night to flood the stores eager to spend their hard earned money. The next four weeks will be a flurry of shopping, partying and spending.

For what? A few hours of excited squeals and giggles as children, young and old, open piles of prettily wrapped gifts. Many of us will finally be able to sit back and say, “Thank goodness that’s over.’ I won’t go into how one of the holiest holidays has descended into a foul mass of materialism, we have all heard that a hundred times.

What I do want to say is, be careful that your ‘busyness’ doesn’t leave a swath of destruction behind. Take a few minutes to be truly thankful for what you have and enjoy the simple pleasures that come with the season and are often lost in the crowd.

I will still enjoy my beaver friends. They are only doing what God created them to do after all, but I will take their lesson with me, and be glad when they move on.


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