Still More Words!

I am still working at my NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 words. I attained the lofty goal of 18,000 yesterday and am hoping to hit 20,000 today. I am a little behind schedule due to lack of quiet in the house over the weekend, but I am back on the job now. Let me bring you up to speed.

The spies, Solmon and Abiah, have escaped through the window in Rahab’s room. They made it to the ground safely although Sol got some pretty serious rope burns in the process. They narrowly escaped a patrol out searching for them finally finding a cave in the mountains to the west. Sol’s hands become infected and Abiah must head out alone to find water and a healer.038 (7)

Meanwhile, Rahab is visiting her family. She went first to Kasim, her oldest brother, and ended up arguing and being banished from his house. Her younger brother, Seif, is a soldier and one of her closest friends. he berates her for lying to the captain of the guard on the word of two foreigners that she had known for one day. Rahab also sends out feelers to find another brother, Omar, who is living on the edges of the city’s garbage dump and dying from a wasting disease.

Rahab also talks to her youngest brother, Lutfi, who raises sheep outside the city. and her youngest sister who is working as a temple prostitute. Somehow she needs to pull together these very different people and bring them to her house which is certainly not really big enough for all these people.

Today, she is going to visit her father whom she has not seen since she ran away ten years ago. We will learn some of the back story and find out what makes a man sell his daughter. It will be a hard scene to write. He used and abused her yet, when she asks the spies to save her and her family, he is the first one she mentions. How do you get past the resentment, bitterness and hatred to save the one who should have saved you?

Poor Rahab has a hard task ahead of her for the next few days. but she has to hurry, the Israelites are on the move and are camped on the far side of the Jordan River preparing to cross. Stay tuned for more breaking news!

One comment on “Still More Words!

  1. Ruth says:

    Busy, busy, busy!!! Keep it up, Kate!

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