Clinging tight to Jesus

This Sunday my pastor’s message was about what to do when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan. It basically boiled down to accepting that life happens and when we are struggling in our lives, when we are hurting and feeling like our world is crumbling around us, we need to cling that much tighter to Jesus.

We do not live in a perfect world. We are not perfect people. The people around us are not perfect either. You bring all those things together and guess what, it hurts.

It is OK to hurt.

It is Ok to be discouraged.

It is Ok to be angry.

But it is not Ok to stay there and use the pain as an excuse to pull away from life, other people and God. He knows that we hurt and is right there to carry us over the burning coals. He sends other people to comfort and encourage us. And he still has a job for us to do on this world we live on.

When I am in that place where depression is reaching out to drag me down to despair, when my task looms dark and heavy before me and my heart quails with the fear of failure, I seek the arms of my loving heavenly father. I bury my face in my pillow and ask why; Why is it happening? Why is it so hard? Why do I have to continue?

When the tears have cried themselves out, when my battered heart lies quietly throbbing in my chest, my Lord whispers;

My child, I love you. I am with you, through the good times and the bad. Trust in me. I will lead you through to the other side. I will never leave you or forsake you, You are mine and I love you.

Sometimes I have to go through hard things so that my heart is soft enough to hear his words. I most often go my own way and do my own thingdouble rainbow

rather than listen to his leading. It is only after my heart is broken, that I remember how to lean on him. I wish I could learn to do it daily, but so far I

have been a reluctant learner.

Good thing for me, my God will not leave me or forsake me and never, ever will He give up on me.

Father, forgive me for my hard and stubborn heart. I am sorry that I trust you so little. Teach me daily to lean on you. In this time of trouble, help me cling tight to you.


One comment on “Clinging tight to Jesus

  1. Erin Unger says:

    So often I too ask God why. Is it just me about to break under the pressure of so many trials, or is this a normal part of being human?

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