A Look Back

Sometimes it is good to stop where we are and look back at where we have come from. Yesterday I downloaded all my pictures off my old computer (5 years worth) and loaded them onto the new one. I spent a large portion of the day scrolling through them and reliving some old memories. I saw my kids grow from toothless wonders to moody teenagers.

I saw oodles of pictures of puppies that we have raised as well as the canine matriarch, Maggie, whom we had to put down earlier this year. Hundreds of photos brought back memories or past family trips. Even more taken at family events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and funerals.

Who can resist?

Who can resist?

In the large majority of the pictures, we are smiling.

That may not be indicative of our daily lives, which are often filled with grief and drama, but it proves that every life has both joy and sorrow. Life moves on in an endless series of ups and downs, mountaintops and dark valleys. In the last five years of pictures, I saw glimpses of that road. In each one I saw evidence of God at work in our lives; puppies that came at just the right time to help pay  over due bills, Old wounds within a family begin to heal at a party celebrating the life of my brother-in-law after he was diagnosed with cancer. Those wounds healed further as people gathered at his funeral just over a year later. God has always provided us with the means to make family trips to the ocean or even to a local park to help us grow closer as a family. Away from home, my kids are able to relax and have fun again, laughing and playing together the way they did when they were younger. My husband and I can enjoy each other’s company without the endless pressure of housework and projects.  There are so many that don’t have that ability to get away, or they don’t have anyone to get away with.

our yearly trip to the ocean

our yearly trip to the ocean

I am blessed. Looking back, I can see so many blessings that I have lost sight of in the stress of today.

Thank you Lord, for taking me on a trip down memory lane so that I can remember that life is a journey. No matter how hard it seems right now, there will be an end to these troubles. Thank you for walking alongside me through the valley so that together we can climb to the next mountain top.

From the mountain to the valley, You are always with me.

From the mountain to the valley, You are always with me.


One comment on “A Look Back

  1. Grant Perry says:

    Loved the PHOTOS from the ocean to the mountains. Thanks for sharing. g

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