Tapestry in the Stars

I finally did it. I saw the Perseid meteor shower, well bits and pieces anyway. I wasn’t able to see the multitudes of shooting stars that my chattering children claimed to see, but I saw enough to make it worth the late nights and bug bites. Tonight I sent the kids to bed and went out to enjoy the stars in peace. I only saw three tonight as they darted between the encroaching clouds, but it was enough. As I watched the sky, picking out the few constellations that I know, I began to wonder. I have been trying to write a Christmas story from the viewpoints of a shepherd, an innkeeper and a magi’s apprentice. The stories of the shepherd and innkeeper are fairly straightforward. the lives of each have been studied closely through the years. but what of the magi, the stargazers? There are many theories and legends of who they were and where they came from. We know they saw signs in the stars, but what were they?

As I gazed at the stars and listened to the song of the night, a scene seemed to open inside my mind:

“What are you doing, Father?”

“I am weaving a tapestry. It is the Story of man and of promise.”

“Can I help you weave?”

“Yes, I am coming to the most important part. It will take all three of us to get it right.” The Father handed his son a strand of bright yarn.

“What if man doesn’t go the way we want him to? He can be very stubborn.” The Son began working the strand into the great tapestry.

“We need to get this part right or it will not come out the way I planned. Use the other strands to guide the ones I give you.” The Comforter knelt beside the Father and the Son. Another bright strand of yarn was given. Together the Father, Son and the Spirit wove the bright strands. When the colors began to mix, a shape formed within the pattern a bright star shone in the center of the tapestry.

“Son, it is time to go.” The Son gave his thread to the Father.

“Will I be gone long?”

“No, not for long, although it may seem so at times.”

“Will it hurt?” The Son stepped away from the tapestry. The star shone brightly at the very center of the pattern.

“Yes. Sometimes there will be pain so great you will think you can’t stand it.”

“Can you come with me?”

“I cannot come, but I won’t be far away. The Comforter will be with you and with me.”

“Do I have to do this?”

“Yes Son. I gave a promise and the three of us must fulfill it.” The Father’s voice was sad. “It is the only way to repair the breach.”

“What do you want me to tell them?” The Son’s voice was growing faint.

“Tell them I love them, tell them I want them to come back home with me.”

“I love them, too. I will not fail, Father. I will do your will, whatever it may cost.”

“I know you will, Son. I am so proud of you.”

But there was no reply. The Father and the Comforting Spirit paused in their labor. There was silence in Heaven for a time, then the silence was broken by the cry of a newborn baby in the night. The Father turned back to the tapestry and took the many strands of thread into His hand.

“It has begun.”


3 comments on “Tapestry in the Stars

  1. tatumlight says:

    I love this word picture! I have a new blog on WordPress now. It is http://tatumlight.wordpress.com, I think.

  2. medazmr says:

    That was truly beautiful. What a wonderful way to look at the beginning of the star and the Savior’s voyage to earth. You have a gift for showing us God’s message through a beautiful weaving of words.

  3. Grant Perry says:

    It has begun…several blog travelors have joined in to just say; thanks for offering up a new sparkle and smile for yonder star…by a true word smith Kate Hodges. E Grant

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