A breath of fresh air

I sit here at my desk and a breeze kisses my cheek. I look up but all has gone still. A minute goes by, the humid stillness of the house settles around me once more. A trickle of sweat traces a wet path down my brow and a fresh stirring of air cools me. I stand and go to the door. The trees in the yard are dancing in the wind. When I open the door, a breath of fresh air rushes in clearing out the heaviness. I close my eyes and turn my face to the heavens letting the breeze wash over me clearing the stuffiness from my mind. Change is coming.
What kind of change? According to the weather report, the heat wave is broken. The rain is coming bringing with it cooler temperatures and drier air. We often speak of someone being a ‘breath of fresh air’. It is often someone who is content to be him or herself, someone who cheerfully goes about their daily tasks bringing peace and joy in their wake. they are the cool breeze that blows through the stuffiness of our lives. Once they are past, the stuffiness closes back in and we return to the dullness of our lives.
Maybe we shouldn’t return. When the winds of change blow outside the door, something new is coming. When that breath of fresh air passes before you, grab hold (not of the person, of course) and see if a fresh perspective can change the dullness of life. Let the breeze of the Spirit blow through you and clear the cobwebs from your brain, let it remove the scales from your eyes so that you can see the world as our Lord does. Life is full of adventure and hope. The Lord calls us not to be content with the same-old same-old, but to celebrate His life in us everyday.
‘Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.’ Gal. 5:25 Let us walk in step with the Spirit so that we can be constantly refreshed by his breeze.


2 comments on “A breath of fresh air

    • medazmr says:

      What a beautiful post. I totally agree. To be a fresh breeze to someone is a true calling of the Lord, that through us others will see God.

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