What is your favorite color?

I was at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers conference last week and one of the other writers asked ‘If you were to have a signature color, what would it be?’ My immediate answer was ‘Green’. it came to me today that these days the word green means more than a color, it means caring for the environment and taking care of the world we live in. I’m all for that, God told us to be stewards of the earth. When I said my color was green, it had nothing to do with environmentalism. I just like the color green.

Why do I like green? To me it is the color of hope. Each spring, the earth is reborn with the first tender shoots of green. In the summer the green deepens with vigorous life. In the fall, the green fades to reveal the vibrant colors that were there to whole time, just waiting for their chance to shine. Then the leaves fall and winter comes, but beneath the snow and ice, the green sprigs of life are just waiting to spring forth again.

When people think of unchanging things in nature, mountains are the first thing to come to mind. I love the mountains, their patience, their endurance. They change but slowly, so slowly, we humans can barely understand it. But Green, the cycle of the seasons we can understand. In the winter, when life seem barren and drab, we know that spring will come. Green is hope, it sometimes is hidden by the barren cold of winter, but when the light of God shines, the hope of life, of green grows again.


2 comments on “What is your favorite color?

  1. medazmr says:

    I love the color green too. It’s refreshing and cool.

  2. Grant Perry says:

    The writer carves just the right words to paint a green in the mind…as a water colourist the so called green in a tube say SAP GREEN or VIRIDIAN but nature whispers soft grey greens, a stricking blue green mottled by shadows and shafts of direct sunlight poking in like a teasing finger, tickling and “laughing”? Did I say I enjoy green – you bet! Green even says “GO”. g

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